Praise for Pacific

“Revealing... delightful... fascinating... highly recommended.” — Janet Napolitano, San Francisco Chronicle

“Winchester does a virtuoso job. ... A giant Aladdin’s rug, which he then gamely invites his readers to climb aboard.” — The New York Times

“Fascinating, provocative, and at times, mildly terrifying. ... The hallmarks of Winchester’s best work -- a fertile, curious mind, impeccable research and command of complex material -- are on full display here.” — Miami Herald

“Winchester writes books like someone telling a good yarn around the fireplace... by interweaving history, fascinating trivia, and acute observation.” — New York Times Book Review

“Winchester has a smooth and easy prose style, one that is trustable and clear. ... He excels at guiding the reader with a contagious sense of wonder.” — Boston Globe

“[Winchester is] a terrific raconteur with a knack for making connectiosn that might have eluded you between events behind the headlines. ... Where Pacific opts to go, it goes with savvy and verve.” — The Seattle Times

“A series of high-resolution literary snapshots. ... As we’ve come to expect from Winchester, there are plenty of delights. ... Winchester’s passionate research... undergirds this superb analysis of a world wonder.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Winchester is a terrific helmsman, both confident and smooth.” — The Telegraph (UK)

“Winchester has prodigious gifts as a popular historian and an explainer of faraway events.” — Los Angeles Times

“Provocative... and lively.” — The Wall Street Journal

“Popular history at its finest.” — Library Journal

“Winchester’s vigorous prose and tireless dragnetting of interesting lore make this an entertaining read.” — Publishers Weekly